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Rozzi’s Fresh Kitchen is the collaborative outcome of seasoned food and business operators who have combined their past 30 years of industry experience to create this exciting fast casual dining offer.

We believe in creating interesting and unique places to enjoy our simple and great tasting ‘Italian inspired’ food.

Our model has been built to be located in a variety of locations: shopping centres, shopping strips, airports, hotels and universities. Either way we’ll make sure you feel like you’re in our home and ready for some of our great, simple Italian inspired food.

Just like our philosophy on all things food-related, our franchise business model is simple, reliable and proven if you are prepared for some hard work and commitment along the way.

As we take Italian inspired food around the country and beyond, we will be seeking some more members to join our franchise famiglia. This is a snapshot into our famigilia.

Ciao for now.


Set to take the fast casual dining scene by storm

Thank you for expressing an interest in our exciting business. We are thrilled to present you with the opportunity to be a part of our franchise. One that continues to deliver the world’s favourite foods day in, day out to thousands of happy and satisfied customers.

Our vision is built on our passion for the café culture that has taken the world by storm over the last 20 years.

We are dedicated towards building a network of successful franchised businesses.

We hope you are as excited about this opportunity as we are to offer it. We look forward to welcoming you into our franchise famigilia.

Great food fast

Our business model is positioned to provide customers with great quality food, fast.

Our locations are in high foot traffic areas where customers are abound and we can win them over with our fantastic colourful and vibrant displays of food.

Quick service is our basic premise. Combining these two philosophies is the basis of our successful business.

Great food fast

We at Rozzi’s have a passion for food and café ulture. Our vision is to promote and grow our antastic industry, becoming a market leader by feeding the masses with true quality, authentic food great coffee and fast, friendly service.

We recognize that the foundation of every successful business is a combination of an excellent customer experience with a business model that provides the owner with the capacity to exceed their own capabilities and expectations.

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Passion for food

We at Rozzi’s have a passion for food and café ulture. Our vision is to promote and grow our antastic industry, becoming a market leader by feeding the masses with true quality, authentic food great coffee and fast, friendly service.

We recognize that the foundation of every successful business is a combination of an excellent customer experience with a business model that provides the owner with the capacity to exceed their own capabilities and expectations.

A winning formula

Rozzi’s model is a tried and proven formula. The food we sell is simple, tasty and served fast and therefore a winner with customers. The products are carefully designed and selected to ensure profitability on a Gross Profit level.

External skill hiring is not required, all training is capable of being conducted in store by the owner/operator or within the Rozzi’s system thereby keeping cost of labour to optimum levels.

Training and support

Rozzi’s offers extensive support to all of its franchised operations.

  • Operations Manual for all operating needs
  • Initial Training in all aspects of running a successful Rozzi’s franchise
  • Ongoing training opportunities
  • Product development
  • Supplier agreements ongoing

A complete solution to opening

Keep it simple

Rozzi’s model is based on making and presenting simple food to the masses of customers who frequent our locations. The specifications for preparing products are listed in the operations manual, maintaining simplicity and consistency. Cost structures with suppliers are predominantly fixed and providing profitability.

Ongoing updates and reviews of systems and products are provided by Rozzi’s support staff keeping simplicity at the forefront.


From the land

Being an Italian inspired business we take our store designs very seriously.

Rozzi’s relationships with internationally recognised retail store designers who are at the cutting edge of contemporary thinking assure that your store not only has a great ambience for customers but will also operate as efficiently as possible.

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Frequently asked questions
What makes a great franchise partner?

Multi Site Opportunities

We are seeking to partner with experienced Food & Beverage business operators who currently or have previously managed more than 2 site locations successfully.

Single Store Opportunities

Obviously, if you have any hospitality, retail or service experience that will certainly be an advantage initially, but is certainly not essential.

A full franchise induction and training program will be completed by you and another person you nominate. The most important element in joining our business is that you follow our systems and adhere to our standards.

What do I need to get started?

Here’s everything you need to get started and keep going:

  • Use of the Rozzi’s Name, Logo and Systems
  • Site Selection
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Fit-out and Store Setup
  • Equipment Supply
  • 2–4 Weeks Initial Training
  • Supplier Arrangements
  • Franchisor Support
Are there any on-going fees?

Yes. You will be required to pay an on-going royalty of 8% of Gross Sales. The contribution is invaluable as it goes toward the operational support and overall strength of the Rozzi’s brand.

Ready to take the big bite?

  • This is broadly the process you will have to join us in, it’s extremely detailed but it’s extremely important to us that we get the right fit.

  • 1

    Lodge an Expression of Interest Form online (if you haven’t already done so) and ensure you provide us all your contact details so we can get back to you promptly.

  • 2

    Our Rozzis Franchisee Recruitment Manager will make contact to answer some of your questions and ask you some questions as well as provide you with an application form to complete so we can see if you look like the sort of business owner and passionate person that we are looking for.

  • 3

    So far, so good? If you can feel your creative juices bubbling away and are itching to start, then we meet. In this meeting, we will discuss Rozzis business model and we will, using your completed application form, assess your strengths, weaknesses, financial viability and stability. (Please bring any person that is involved in this transaction or this proposed business venture with you to this meeting including your partner or spouse etc so we can meet them too and ensure all their questions are answered as well).

  • 4

    The next step, if the meeting is a success and we are both happy to proceed further into the due diligence process, the applicant will be asked to pay a small, but fully refundable deposit of $3,300 to a trust account in order to continue the process. (This is purposely designed so we know who the serious players are as we get lots of interest and enquiries but we want to spend more of our time with the right people and weed out the tyre-kickers or competitors that are trying to learn more about what we do).

    Now we can begin to open the doors to our business to you and share more information with you. This may include sharing with you some historical figures of some of our current stores to give you an idea of how our stores have performed to date. (Please bear in mind that the performance of our current stores is in no way a predictor or forecast of what your store may do but simply an opportunity for you to have a better grasp of how well our business operates across various demographics and locations, which may assist you in choosing a suitable location or store format be it a High street location or a Kiosk).

    You will also be invited to join us at one of our stores for a ‘Discovery Day” as an observer to see what we do and how our stores operate; we may even let you do some work if you feel

  • comfortable being involved. We consider this to be our ‘Test Drive’; after all, it’s a big decision. We want to ensure you observe the business from all angles.Following the Discovery Day, you will again meet with our Franchisee Recruitment Manager to discuss any questions or concerns you may have, if any and if we are both happy to proceed further, we will then provide you with any further information you need to assist you in completing your due diligence and for you to review this opportunity with your Accountant and Business Adviser (Each applicant is advised to seek independent advice).

  • We will also ask you to provide us with a Police and Credit check and will provide you with the instructions on how to complete these and you will be asked to bring these to your next meeting with our Franchisee Recruitment Manager.

  • 5

    Once you have completed your business and financial due diligence, you will then meet with Rozzis franchisors, Dean Salomone for your approval meeting along with your franchisee recruitment manager that has guided you throughout your recruitment journey so far. If approved we will ask you to provide us with your company business details and entity so we can then provide you with our franchise agreements in in final form. These are to be reviewed and signed no earlier than 14 days after they are provided to you. This allows you time to review all documents and seek independent legal advice.

  • 6

    Once the agreements are signed and returned along with the Franchise Fee, you will then be given a 7 Day Cooling Off period before we proceed any further. We want you to be 100% sure that this is the right fit for you. Once this step is completed, you will then pay the Building Deposit Fee.

  • 7

    As soon as the lease and plans are finalised and we have access to your site, then your fit-out and store-building process begins!

  • 8

    Once the store build/fit-out process has commenced, your Franchisee Training Programme will also commence. You will also start to hire staff for the opening of your Store.

  • 9

    Handover of your brand new Rozzis premises! You will do some trial runs, train your staff, get to know your store inside and out.

  • 10

    Store launch and Grand Opening! You are now officially part of the Rozzis Franchise Family.

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